Residents of Al-Musadar No Longer Buy Water after Waqf Well Construction

The Waqf Well saved people’s expenses because they do not have to pay for clean water whether for daily needs or irrigation.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s volunteers test the water capacity of the Waqf Well in Al Musadar, Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PALESTINA –  Al Musadar area in Gaza was one of the newly built cities in the Gaza Strip. This area is considered a severely-impoverished area.  The water source from the nearest municipality does not reach this area. People in this area had to buy clean water to meet their daily needs.

This situation was quickly responded to by ACT.  Thanks to the support of the benefactors, a Waqf Well was built from March 7 to 13. Now, the Waqf Well with a depth of 87 meters can produce up to 35,000 liters of water per hour.

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response- ACT explained that the water from the well could meet the needs of people in Al-Musadar. “The Waqf Well is equipped with underground pipeline connection so that it can carry water to the people’s houses, making it easier for Al Musadar residents to access water more effectively,” said Mukaffiy.

Mukaffiy added that the use of high-quality pumps was expected to be used in a long term. The Waqf Well also saves people’s expenses to get clean water for daily and agricultural uses. “Inshallah, they can consume clean water and improve their health,” said Mukaffiy.[]