Residents of Cibuntu Village Receive a New Mosque as a Ramadan Gift

After renovation, people in Cibuntu Village, Taraju Village, Tasikmalaya Regency, can pray at Khatijah Bibi Mosque. This mosque appears to be a Ramadan gift to the community, which has long lacked adequate prayer facilities.

Khatijah Bibi Mosque
The new Khatijah Bibi Mosque in Taraju, Tasikmalaya, hosts congregational prayers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  TASIKMALAYA – At the beginning of Ramadan, the villagers of Cibuntu, Taraju Village, Tasikmalaya Regency, were happy. They were happy because of a new mosque, which has long been a dream of theirs.

This mosque was previously named Arrahman Mosque. The mosque is for communal prayers, children's recitations, and other religious activities. It had GRC boards walls, the roof was defective, the building was not spacious, and the restrooms were in poor condition.

"Before Ramadan, all processes had been completed after the reconstruction. The mosque, currently known as Khatijah Bibi, appears to be a present for the holy month," ACT Tasikmalaya Program team member Fauzi Ridwan remarked.

During Ramadan, the locals use Khatijah Bibi Mosque for Taraweeh Prayer and other worship. Supyana, a member of the Khatijah Bibi Mosque committee, expressed his satisfaction with the new mosque. He believes residents will be able to benefit from it after the mosque renovation.

"We are grateful to the donors who helped us build a new mosque in our hamlet," Supyana added.

Khatijah Bibi Mosque is the outcome of ACT's partnership with Mrs. Ferzana Servia and her family from Tasikmalaya. Hopefully, the mosque will flourish and provide the best services to the people. []