Residents of Sidasari Village in Cilacap Now Have Clean Water Sources and Toilets

The construction of the Waqf Well and toilets at Al Ikhlas Mosque in SIdasari Village, Cilacap Regency, was deeply appreciated by the locals. The area has been suffering from the lack of clean water sources.

Head of Global Wakaf - ACT Branch Purwokerto Andi Rahmanto gave a speech at the inauguration of the Al Ikhlas Mosque Waqf Well, Sidasari Village, Sampang District, Cilacap Regency. (ACTNews / Venatan Pramudio)

ACTNews, CILACAP - Residents of Sidasari Village, Sampang District, Cilacap, now have clean shared water sources and sanitation facilities. The Waqf Well built by Global Wakaf - ACT Purwokerto at the Al Ikhlas Mosque, Sidasari Village has been completed. The Waqf Well at the Al Ikhlas Mosque was inaugurated on Wednesday (2/9).

The presence of this water source also contributes to the supply of clean water for residents in Sidasari Village, which has so far been drought. Clean water is very difficult to find during the dry season. Prior to the construction of the Wakaf Well and MCK, Mosque Al Ikhlas did not have proper toilet facilities and a place for wudu.

Head of Global Waqf - ACT Branch Purwokerto Andi Rahmanto said that the construction of the third Waqf Well in the Pasinggangan area, Banyumas Regency is underway, and a fourth well will be built in the Kemranjen area, Banyumas Regency.

"The construction of the Third Waqf Well has a depth target of 100 meters, now it has reached 50 meters. Please pray that it will run smoothly, and a waqf well will also be built in Kemranjen, Banyumas Regency. God willing, the waqf wells from ACT Global Wakaf will be present in all villages that are potentially threatened by drought, please pray for them to be realized, "said Andi Rahmanto.

The Field Coordinator, Hanif, expressed his gratitude to the waqf who has been represented through Global Wakaf - ACT. "God willing, it will be very useful for the congregation who will pray. Villagers can also use it for their daily needs. May Allah bless your charity for wakif. Generous friends can also build waqf wells with Global Wakaf -ACT. Friends can help through waqf money that can be sent through a BNI Syariah account: 66 0000 1179, "said Hanif. []