Residents of Sungai Nilo Can Have Qurbani Celebration after a Decade

The residents of Sungai Nilo Hamlet in Pelalawan Regency had not been able to enjoy Qurbani meat for the past ten years. Therefore, Qurbani meat distribution from Global Qurban-ACT brought joy to the residents.

Qurbani meat packages.
The smile of the Nilo River Hamlet children after receiving Qurbani meat packages from Global Qurban. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PELALAWAN –It took two and a half hours from Pekanbaru City to Sungai Nilo Hamlet, Kemang Village, Pangkalan Kuras District, Pelalawan. Located in the midst of palm oil plantations, the journey to the hamlet was quite difficult, but Global Qurban - ACT finally reached the hamlet on Thursday (7/21/2021).

Most of Sungai Nilo Hamlet residents are underprivileged with 90% of them working as fishermen. Due to economic difficulties, the residents can barely enjoy Qurbani meat. Amir Saputra, Head of RT 02 RW 01 of Sungai Nilo Hamlet said that for the last 10 years, the residents of his village had not been able to enjoy Qurbani meat.

In the neighboring village, Qurbani sacrifice was carried out with only a few Qurbani animals. Only a little meat was distributed“There were only one or two Qurbani animals to be slaughtered in the neighboring village. The number is limited,” said Amir.

Branch Manager of ACT Riau Wahyu Suryanda said that Sungai Nilo Hamlet was chosen as one of the Qurbani meat distribution locations since the residents rarely received Qurbani meat. Hopefully, the entrusted Qurbani from benefactors can bring happiness to the hamlet inhabited by 25 families. In addition to Qurbani meat distribution, ACT also carried out assessments of other humanitarian programs' development," he explained.

Wahyu also thanked the benefactors for the entrusted Qurbani. “Thanks to the support from benefactors, these acts of goodness can be held. We will also continue to distribute assistance to people who are really in need,” added Wahyu.[]