Residents of Two Villages Hope for Decent Prayer Rooms

Residents of Warudoyong and Glagah Lor villages yearn for a suitable place of worship. Available prayer rooms in these two hamlets are damaged and rotten.

Sayyidina Ali Mosque
Sayyidina Ali Mosque in Sukabumi Regency's Warudoyong Village. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI REGENCY – For Muslims, A suitable and comfortable place of worship is critical. The convenience of places of worship can increase the congregation's solemnity.

However, the proper places of worship have not been realized in some areas. Warudoyong Village, Sukatani Village, Parakansalak District, Sukabumi Regency is one of them. The Sayyidina Ali Mosque, the only prayer room in the village, is in disrepair.

The prayer room's walls are cracked and rotten. The same thing happened with the wooden support poles. The floor, which measures four by five meters, is made of cement that has cracked and peeled off. Sayyidina Ali's prayer room has never been repaired in its 32-year history.

The village is home to more than 45 families. Residents must walk up to 2 kilometers to the nearest mosque, with the dirt and rocky road.

According to Imam Sayyidina Ali Mosque Ustaz Abdul Hadrom, most Warudoyong Village residents work as farmers and fishermen with erratic incomes. The mosque has not been able to be renovated due to financial constraints.

Tambak Mosque in Glagah Lor Hamlet is in poor condition. (ACTNews)

"I am hoping for donors who can help us build a proper prayer room in our village," he said on Monday (2/14/2022).

Aside from Sayyidina Ali's Mosque in Sukabumi, the Tambak Mosque in Glagah Lor Hamlet, Bugul Kidul District, Pasuruan Regency suffered the same fate. Half of the walls are made of rusted and damaged wire.

When it rains heavily with strong wind, the prayer room becomes like a pond, according to Djumadi of the Musala Tambak congregation. "When it rains with strong winds, it leaks. Of course, our prayer room is as wet as a pond," Djumadi explained.

Tambak Mosque was founded in 1996 and renovated in 2013 with the help of community donations. According to Djumadi, the funds raised are insufficient to fix the floor.

"Because the average congregation works as pond guards and coastal fishermen, the funds collected at the time were extremely limited and insufficient to renovate others. Even now, Tambak Mosque’s electricity needs are from congregation whose house near the prayer room," he explained. []