Responsibilities to People Around Make Aro Never Give Up In Trading

It had crossed Aro's mind to quit his culinary business because of the pandemic. However, the spirit returned when he remembered his responsibilities to his family and employees.

Aro believes his chicken noodle business has good potential for growth. (ACTNews/Ardiansyah)

ACTNews,  SOUTH JAKARTA – In 2018, Aro opened a food business because of his love for culinary. At first, he sold Ayam geprek (spicy crushed chicken) and earned a great income. Unfortunately, Ayam geprek business was difficult to innovate, so he turned to other businesses. In 2019, Aro decided to sell Mie Ayam Sapi Pedes (Spicy Chicken Noodle with Beef)

"The chicken noodle business has good development potential. There are many types of noodles. I can use lots of spices, and there are still many opportunities that we can mix and match," said Aro on Monday (8/30/2021). His stall is in the South Gandaria area, Cilandak District, South Jakarta City.

The Spicy Chicken Noodle Business was indeed running smoothly until the pandemic hit. In the second year of the pandemic, Aro's income fell by around 70 to 80 percent.

"At the beginning of the pandemic, there were no customers who ate at the stall and only took away. Online ordering was also difficult. Some people might want to protect themselves, so they did not buy food from outside," said Aro.

Aro starts a food business because of his love for culinary. (ACTNews/Ardiansyah)

Aro once had the thought to give up. However, many things encourage him to continue, one of which is a sense of responsibility to his family and employees. According to Aro, employees should value more than just workers, but also as valuable assets.

“There are employees here who have children, spouses, and who send money to their parents. It is what motivates me to continue my business. Insha Allah, I will survive,” said Aro.

Aro feels the situation is getting better day by day, although it can't be said to return to the times before the pandemic. “This is already a turning point. Online shopping has become acceptable. This shows that the business has started to improve,” said Aro.

To support Aro's enthusiasm for developing his business, Global Wakaf-ACT and Realme Indonesia bought up Aro’s sales. This collaboration in Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program is also a celebration of the number of Realme users in the world which has crossed 100 million. Through this program, Global Wakaf-ACT and Realme Indonesia assisted several MSMEs in Jakarta and East Java. The team distributed the purchased products to people in need.[]