Restore Gaza with Dozens of Generous Actions

In August, ACT and Indonesian benefactors had carried out dozens of humanitarian actions to restore the condition of Palestine.

ACT Palestine
Illustration. ACT carries out dozens of humanitarian programs to restore Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap regularly distributes assistance from Generous Friends to Palestinians. Hundreds of humanitarian aid programs were launched by ACT to help Palestine recover after the Israeli attack last May.

From May 1 to August 27, 2021, a total of 380,461 Palestinians benefited from this act of generosity.

Said Mukafiiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response said most of the programs in Palestine were in the health and food sectors. In the health sector, medical assistance such as Indonesian ambulances and clinics has reached more than 66,000 Gazans. Those who are sick have received free treatment and medicine from this aid.

“In the food sector, ACT distributed thousands of ready-to-eat meals and hundreds of tons of food packages such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, and canned meat. We distributed the assistance through Humanity Food Trucks and Indonesian Public Kitchens in Gaza," Said Mukaffiy, Sunday (8/29/2021).

Recap of ACT's aid action to Palestine for the period May 1 to August 27, 2021. (ACTNews)

Global Wakaf-ACT also carried out various waqf programs: Waqf Wells, Fishing Boat Waqf, and Business Capital Waqf.

Currently, ACT team works on two waqf projects, namely Palestine Waqf House and Lumbung Air Wakaf. The two projects will be completed in the next few months.

“These waqf programs are prepared to help Palestinians sustainably in fulfilling their daily needs. Waqf plays an important role in various sectors of Palestinian life," said Mukaffiy.

In September, ACT will continue to maximize various humanitarian programs to spread kindness throughout Palestine. For this reason, he invites all Generous Friends to continue to strive and be actively involved in reaping the common good.[]