Revisiting Jonatan Christie’s Contribution to Helping Disaster Survivors

The victory of the Indonesian badminton team in the 2020 Thomas Cup cannot be separated from the role of Jonatan Christie. Jojo, as he is usually nicknamed, has also participated in the field of humanitarianism by helping disaster survivors in Lombok and Palu in 2018.

jonatan christie
Indonesian badminton player Jonatan Christie with children who survived the 2018 Lombok Earthquake (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Indonesia finally won the Thomas Cup after around two decades after defeating China in the final. The victory of Indonesia’s badminton squad is inseparable from the role of Indonesian badminton player Jonatan Christie, nicknamed Jojo.

Many people might not know other sides of Jojo’s life. Not only that he’s an internationally renowned badminton player, but Jojo is also a philanthropist who contributes to help the needy. In 2018, he partnered with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and in raising funds to build temporary shelters for Lombok earthquake survivors.

"Before competing, I vowed that if I win (Asian Games 2018), I want to donate some of the bonuses I receive from the government to build temporary shelters for the Lombok earthquake survivors," said Jojo at the time.

Jojo’s generosity did not stop there. He continued helping disaster survivors later that year when Central Sulawesi was afflicted with earthquakes, tsunami, and soil liquefaction. At that time, he visited the disaster sites to meet the survivors and distribute food aid at ACT’s Integrated Community Shelter compound in Lolu Village, Sigi Biromaru, Sigi Regency.

Jojo invited his fellow badminton athletes to raise awareness to help disaster survivors. For this 24-year-old man, disasters should be a warning for the community to work together to help each other. []