Reviving Mulyani’s Business that Declines Due to Pandemic

Mulyani, a resident of Bubulak, Bogor, has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Not that only her husband was laid off, but she also went out of business. Because of this, the therapy for her child’s cerebral palsy had to stop.

Waqf cart handover from the Waqf for Productive Enterprises program to Mulyani. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – Mulyani finally breathed a sigh of relief. On Friday (9/10/2021), Global Wakaf-ACT and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia volunteers handed over a cart to support her business that has been direly impacted by the pandemic.

Mamuy previously rented a place to sell fried and roasted chicken. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused her income to decrease. She could no longer pay the rent. Hence, she moved her business to her rented house. Sadly, there were not many customers because her house’s location isn’t suitable for selling.

“There are not many buyers because my house is located in a small, quiet alley. At times I can’t sell a piece. I can’t peddle my chicken," said Mamuy.

Unluckily, Mulyani’s husband has also been laid off from his workplace. He now fishes in Situ Gede, which is 3 kilometers from where they live. With their livelihood declining, it’s difficult to support their child’s therapy for cerebral palsy.

With the new cart, Global Wakaf - ACT hopes that Mamuy and his family can improve their economy. In addition, Global Wakaf – ACT also granted business capital. Bubulak Village Head Muhidin, who symbolically handed over the assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT, expressed his gratitude for the support for Mlyani.

"May Allah bless Global Wakaf – ACT so that they can continue supporting MSMEs, especially in Bogor to rise," said Muhidin. []

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