Ria Relies on Her Food Stall to Make Ends Meet

Every afternoon, Ria opens her food stall on Jalan Kramat Sentiong, Central Jakarta. Since her husband was temporarily dismissed from work due to the pandemic, her business has been her family’s main source of income.

ria and her stall
To attract more customers, Ria opens her stall at a place where there are many pasers-by. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL JAKARTA – Every afternoon, Ria opens her stall on Jalan Kramat Sentiong, Central Jakarta. From the time of asr to dusk, she sells several kinds of snacks and light meals.

Initially, she opened her stall in front of her house. However, to attract more customers, she decided to open her stall in a place where there are many passers-by.

“I use the money I earn in one day for the next day’s business. If I don’t earn much in a day, I won’t sell many things the next day," said Ria when met by Global Wakaf-ACT in late July.

Ria’s stall has been her family’s only source of income. Her husband used to work as a security guard at a school. However, he has been temporarily dismissed until schools could resume face-to-face learning. “Now, my husband has done many things to make ends meet. At times he works as a motorcycle taxi driver. Sometimes he helps me at the stall too,” she said.

Ria works tirelessly to support her three children and pay for her mother’s medications. She has been through ups and downs trying to support her family during the pandemic.

“Last month, before the Emergency PPKM, my income had started to stabilize, actually. However, since the Emergency PPKM, my income has decreased drastically by up to 50% because most of the buyers are office employees who have just returned from work,” said Ria.

Global Wakaf-ACT plans to provide assistance for Ria through the Waqf for MSMEs program. With this assistance, it is hoped that Ria's business can thrive to meet the needs of her family. []