Rice Distribution Strengthens Islamic Boarding Schools in Difficult Times

Many Islamic Boarding Schools in South Kalimantan are still suffering from the impact of the massive flood that occurred in January. The pandemic also makes it worse for them, causing hardship that is difficult for them to endure.

rice handover
Muslim students in South Kalimantan receive rice from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BARITO KUALA – The Covid-19 pandemic and the massive flood that hit South Kalimantan last January have severely affected Islamic boarding schools. The flood damaged their school supplies including their text books.

One of the Islamic boarding schools that suffered from the impact of the flood was Nuzhatul Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School located in Tabing Rimbah Village, Mandastana District, Barito Kuala Regency. The activities at the school that is located in a remote area was hampered for a month.

To support them, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Kalimantan delivered hundreds of rice packages to the school at the end of August. Being a private educational institution, the school was very much grateful for the assistance.

Ustaz Sibawaihi, one of the teaching staff, expressed his surprise when ACT South Kalimantan delivered rice packages to Nuzhatul Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School that has 200 students and 19 staff members.

"The entire board of the school was surprised when hundreds of sacks of rice were delivered. We never expected this,” said Ustaz Sibawaihi.

In addition to the Nuzhatul Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School, rice distribution also took place in two other Islamic boarding schools namely Nurul Hidayah School in Lok Baintan Village and Raudhatul Mutaallimin Annahdiyah (RMA) Islamic Boarding School Banjarbaru City. In total, there were a thousand packages of rice delivered to three Islamic boarding schools.

“The rice distribution to the Islamic boarding schools was done at the time when they direly needed it. This shows that the rice distribution was really beneficial. Thank you to the generous donors who have channeled their donations through ACT," said Muhammad Rizki from ACT South Kalimantan program department.

At Nurul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School in Lok Baintan, for instance, many of the students’ parents work as farmers. Their farms were damaged and submerged during the flood. Hence, the rice distribution meant so much for the students because their parents’ livelihood has been severely hampered. []