Rickshaw Drivers Earn Less during Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has had a major impact on casual workers in Banjarmasin. Bahrun, a rickshaw driver, feels his income has continued to decline as the pandemic continues.

Bahrun receives a food package from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Bahrus, a resident of Banjarmasin, has been a pedicab driver for several years. From this work, he fulfills the daily needs of the family. Unfortunately, the struggle is not easy. Since the existence of online motorcycle taxis, his income has gradually fallen. Apart from that, the pandemic that hit Indonesia made it even more burdensome to get money.

“In the current condition, it is hard to get customers. I have to compete with other transportation, especially online motorcycle taxis. It is hard,” said Bahrun to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team, Thursday (8/12/2021).

The prolonged pandemic also had an impact on Bahrun's economy. In addition, activity restrictions make Bahrun's rickshaw passengers decreasing.

Seeing Bahrun’s condition, ACT provided food from Free Food Operation for Bahrun. Bahrun was happy when receiving the food package. This food package helped Bahrun to support his family’s food needs.

Ratih Ayu from ACT South Kalimantan Program team said the Free Food Operation was a collaboration with Forum Kepala Teknik Tambang Kalsel (South Kalimantan Head of Mining Engineering Forum). Apart from Bahrun, dozens of informal workers and underprivileged residents received similar food packages.

"Hopefully, this Free Food Operation can ease the burden on the underprivileged community," hoped Ratih.[]