Rizqi’s Trials and Tribulations After Husband Quits Job at Bank

Rizqi (37)’s family has been going through trials and tribulations during the Coronavirus pandemid. After her husband quitted his job at a bank, Rizqi and her family has been struggling to make a living. At times, they have to sell pieces of furniture to buy food befor they were finally able to run a business.

Rizqi serving pineapple chicken and rendang that she sells to her neighbors. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, DEPOK - "People say, if we really want to make a repentance, we truly have to start everything all over again," Rizqi (37) said. Four years ago, her husband was a manager at a bank. He quitted his job to avoid usury. They had to mortgage their house and move to a rented house in Pengasinan, Depok.

Rizqi’s family had to face yet another difficulty as her husband was laid off from her new job in food industry. The turnover of their honey business has also been decreasing. As the price of honey soars, the sales were decreasing.

"We had nothing left. In the end, all of the money that we used as the capital of our honey business was used up. Once, we had no rice to eat, but we were standing strong. At that time, we really had no idea how to get food for our family," Rizqi narrated.

In order to survive, this family did whatever it takes. They sold pieces of furniture to fulfill basic needs, pay for their children’s education, and to pay for her father-in-law’s medical treatment. They sold their water dispensers, chairs, even pots.

Rizqi tells her story of the difficulties that she faced during the pandemic. (ACTNews / Akbar)

“There was a friend who was kind enough to buy our merchandise although she might not really need it. At that time, I saw no way out. We were all in difficult situations, but we tried to avoid taking loans not only because we don’t want to deal with interest-based transactions but also because I may not be able to repay the debts,” explained Rizqi.

The peak of their tribulations was when Rizqi gave birth to her fourth child in mid-2020. Rizky was grateful that she and her baby are healthy. But she was also worried about how to meet her baby’s needs.

"May Allah forgive me for complaining. I truly believe that Allah has written the sustenance of all my children. They don’t work, and we live in a rented house. We really had no assets, but I believe in Allah’s assistance. I may not know when it will come, but the important thing for me is just to pray,” Rizqi said through tears.

Dapur Si Mbah

Several months ago, Rizqi and her mother Nunu (69), commonly called Mbah (“Granny”), were given some recipes from their neighbor. Mbah, who really likes cooking, then sells the dishes she makes to her neighbors through a WhatsApp group. They name their business Dapur Si Mbah (Si Mbah's Kitchen). At first, their business did not run smoothly.

"Once, we sold nothing from the capital of IDR 300,000," said Nunu. They did not stop. Their new business has been running for three months, earning them It is proven that now they also have many customers in the group with their favorite menu of pineapple chicken and rendang. Running for 3 months, now the business can generate a net income of IDR 100,000 per production.

Their honey business has also been running again. But they haven’t been able to manage the capital efficiently. “The money that we use for the capital of our honey business comes from the net profit of our food business. When people order our honey, we often tell them that the honey will be available the next day,” said Rizqi.

The honey that Rizqi and her husband sell when still in stock. (ACTNews)

Her husband helps deliver the honey and dishes that they make while working as a freelancer. He is still searching for a new job. He doesn’t want to work in a bank again despite offers from various banking institutions.  

In the end, Rizqi heard about Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for Business Capital program from an Islamic preacher who is also a member of her WhatsApp group. The business capital assistance will be handed over on Friday (1/8/2021). "We hope that Global Wakaf – ACT can help us with interest-free business capital. We really hope to develop our businesses," hoped Rizqi. []