Rohingya People Evacuated from Aceh Sea Once More

On Friday (12/31/2021), Acehnese evacuated approximately 120 Rohingyans in Aceh early in the morning. They arrived sick and starving.

The Indonesian Navy
The Indonesian Navy evacuates a Rohingya ship in Aceh on Friday (12/30/2021) early in the morning. (Amanda Jufrian/ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH ACEH – The Indonesian Navy evacuated a wooden boat carrying 120 ethnic Rohingya from Krueng Geuueh Harbor in Lhokseumawe early Friday (12/31/2021). According to Muhammad Alfian from the ACT Lhokseumawe team, the rescue process was dramatic. ACT team evacuated the Rohingya people, mostly children, and women in the pouring rain.

"They have currently been transferred to a government-owned hall for quarantine. There are 51 minors among the 120 people, nine adult males, and the rest are female adults. According to the information we have, they will be quarantined for ten days," Alfian reported on Friday (12/31/2021).

Acehnese fishermen at sea were the first to notice the presence of a boat carrying Rohingya people. Alfian explained that the Rohingya were crammed into the ship because it was too narrow to hold 120 people. The kids were starving and exhausted. Some were said to have died at sea while adrift.

Alfian went on to say that the Lhokseumawe ACT team is currently seeking emergency assistance for them. "When we evacuated the Rohingyans, their living conditions were deplorable and filthy. Mattresses and cleaning supplies were also lacking at the quarantine facility. Therefore, ACT Lhokseumawe took the initiative to provide initial assistance in the form of hygiene kit and bedding," Alfian stated. []