Rohingya Refugee Camp in Kutupalong Damaged by Rain

Hundreds of shelters for Rohingya refugees in the Kutupalong refugee camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, have been damaged by the storm that have occurred since last week.

One of the shelter in Rohingya Refugee camp in Kutupalong, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, collapsed due to storm on Sunday (8/30). Rohingya refugees are not allowed to build permanent homes so they live in shelters made of tarpaulins and bamboo poles. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, COX'S BAZAR - Hundreds of Rohingya refugee shelters collapsed in a strong storm that affects Camp Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, as reported by Firdaus Guritno from the Global Humanity Response - Aksi Cepat Tanggap, Sunday (8/30). He added that the storm destroyed the tents that are already old and decrepit.

“Every time wind and rain hit, the Rohingyas are worried. Their shelters that are made only from tarpaulin sheets and bamboo poles are also prone to fire,” said Firdaus. So far, no casualties have been reported.

Despite the fragility, the Rohingya refugees still live in these shelters because what’s important to them is a place for them to live. Before the shelters were damaged by the storms, they were already trying to fix their shelters to make them more livable.

One of the Rohingyas’ main problems is the lack of proper shelters, said Firdaus. Three years after their mass exodus from their homeland, many Rohingyas have yet to find a decent life.

Rohingya refugees have been living without legal protection. They are also vulnerable to Covid-19 because they live in a densely-populated camp. "They have been very dependent on humanitarian assistance. Let's help the Rohingyas together through the Indonesia Dermawan website. You can also donate directly through BNI Bank account number 0096110239. Insha Allah, we will continue to deliver the aid mandated by Indonesian people to the Rohingya brothers and sisters in need," he concluded.

This August marks the third anniversary of the massive exodus of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh after a military crackdown by Myanmar military. More than 740,000 ethnic Rohingya fled to Bangladesh in 2017. []