Rukiah: I need to Support My Three Children Alone

Rukiah's three children, an honorary teacher from Aceh Tamiang, are still small and in school. Rukiah works by herself for their living expenses.

Rukiah meets Global Zakat-ACT team in her working place. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, ACEH TAMIANG – For the last five years, Rukiah has been teaching at SMKN (Public Vocational High School) 3 Karang Baru, Aceh Tamiang. She is always friendly to her students and gives a lot of advice to her students at the end of the lesson. This honorary teacher is always grateful for what she gets, including a low salary.

In addition to being a teacher, Rukiah is also a parent who takes care of her three school-age children. In the past year, she has been taking care of her children alone and provide their needs.

“I have to fight for the sake of the children. They are my inspiration in life at this moment. Despite being tired of making a living, I also have to be careful in educating my children," said Rukiah while holding her little daughter in early September. Every time she has to go to school to teach, Rukiah leaves her child with a neighbor.

When it comes to educating her children, Rukiah is serious. When she prays, she always invites all her children to pray together at home as a form of gratitude for what Allah has given to her family. She also hopes her children can go to the higher and best education even though she failed to send her eldest child to an Islamic boarding school.

"Alhamdulillah, we always pray Fajr prayer together at home. My 10-month-old baby even joins and follows the movements of her sister," said Rukiah.

As a form of appreciation, Global Zakat-ACT visited and handed over financial assistance through Friend of Indonesian Teacher program for Rukiah. She joyfully received the assistance. She expressed her gratitude to the benefactors who have supported her through Global Zakat-ACT.[]