Saadah Still Peddles Snacks in Her Old Age

Saadah (87) has been selling fried food and bite-sized snacks for forty years since her husband passed away. Until now, she still peddles her merchandise to make ends meet.

Saadah carries a tray on her head every day to peddle her merchandise. (ACTNews/M. Insan Muttaqien)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - Saadah (87) sells fries and bite-sized traditional snacks to help meet the daily needs of her family. Carrying a tray on her head, she goes from one place to another to make a living.

For forty years, the woman from Kampung Cilendek, Kotabaru Village, Cibeureum Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya City, has been her family’s only breadwinner following her husband’s death. Now, she is also supporting her grandchild whose father passed away when he was just three-years-old.

During her 40 years selling snacks, Saadah feels that the recent months have been difficult for her as her income decreases due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this condition does not dampen her struggle to support her family.

"Although my income has been reduced, I just keep selling as many as I can to meet our daily needs. If I don't sell, I can't get any income,"Saadah said on Sunday (6/14).

Saadah peddling her snacks. (ACTNews / M Insan Muttaqien)

Now she needs capital assistance to continue selling amid COVID-19 pandemic. Her business has not been able to develop due to lack of capital. With additional funds, she hoped to be able to make her own snacks without having to resell from others.

"I resell the snacks that I buy from others because I don’t have enough capital to make my own. If I have enough capital, I can sell the snacks that I made myself that others can also resell," Saadah explained.

Saadah is one of many women who are now struggling to support their respective families amid the pandemic. There are dozens of women who not only received capital assistance, but are also supervised by the Friends of Indonesian Micro Businesses (Sahabat UMI) program.

"As of yesterday, Sahabat UMI program has provided capital assistance to more than 20 beneficiaries throughout Tasikmalaya and its surrounding areas. In addition to capital assistance, they will also be supervised in order to expand her business capacity amid the pandemic, "explained M. Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya Program Team. []