Saanih’s Overwhelming Happiness for the Waqf Rice Package

Saanih happily received a package of Waqf Rice. Despite having no more teeth, she was not ashamed to show a happy smile.

The team visited Saanih’s house in Kampung Tipar Halim, Mekarsari, Cimanggis, Depok, Thursday (4/2) to deliver the Waqf rice. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, DEPOK - Saanih (73) was sitting at the front porch of her house in Kampung Tipar Halim, Mekarsari Village, Cimanggis Subdistrict, Depok, on Thursday (4/2) afternoon. While watching her grandchildren, she was swinging her hand fan to get rid of the heat that afternoon.

In front of her rented house, Saanih has a small stall where she sells snacks and instant drinks. It is her only source of income to support her six grandchildren. Sometimes she receives donations from her kind neighbors.

Saanih's only daughter died a few years ago. The deceased left six children who are now all cared for by their grandmother. Selling only snacks and instant drinks, she does not earn much.

"I live with my six grandchildren. My only child has passed away," said Saanih, Thursday (4/2).

The house where Saanih and her six grandchildren live is a rented house. Her neighbors often help her to pay her rent because Saanih can hardly buy something to eat, let alone pay her rent.

Rika, a Social Service Facilitator in charge of the Mekarsari Village said, Saanih is one of the poor elderlies in Mekarsari. She often has to depend on her neighbors’ generosity for her daily needs and for her rent. "She also has to support her six grandchildren," she said.

On Thursday (4/2), the ACT team accompanied by the Indonesian Armed Forces, Police Officers, Social Service workers, and government officials of Mekarsari Village visited Saanih’s house to deliver a packet of waqf rice from ACT, hand sanitizer, and masks. Saanih happily received the package. Despite having no more teeth, she was not ashamed to show a happy smile.

Saanih’s family was one of 70 families who received Waqf Rice Packages from ACT in collaboration with the Indonesian Armed Forces in the Free Rice Operation program. In Depok area, as many as 1,400 rice packages, with the total weight of 7 tons, were distributed to several subdistricts.

Mochamad Nurul Ramadhan from Global Wakaf - ACT said that the beneficiaries of the rice distribution are the poor households and daily workers whose income have been significantly reduced due to the COVID-19 outbreak. "Besides Depok, beneficiaries in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang also get thousands of rice packages," Nurul explained. []