Sabrina's Dedication to Educating Disadvantaged Children

Sabrina’s income as a kindergarten teacher is only IDR 500,000 per month. She continues to devote herself as a volunteer at MRI as an educator for school dropouts or underprivileged families.

Sabrina is explaining the lesson to one of the children at Rumah Belajar Ceria. (ACTNews)
Sabrina explains the lesson to one of the children at Rumah Belajar Ceria. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA BARAT – Sabrina Gaisani (26) is a kindergarten teacher at Al Hidayah Islamic Kindergarten, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. She has been teaching for six years because of her love for education.

Sabrina never complains even though her salary is low. The kindergarten where she teaches is not a big and famous school. The teacher's income depends on the income of the student’s parents.

According to Sabrina, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the salary she received was around IDR 800,000 per month. However, recently, many parents have been unable to pay the tuition fees due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, she receives IDR 500,000 per month.

“Actually, with my current salary, I can not meet my needs for one month. During the pandemic, I cannot do much and I have to manage my money well. I am still grateful because there is still an income even though it is smaller than before. Many people were laid off during the pandemic,” said Sabrina, Friday (4/23/2021).

Sabrina’s enthusiasm for education never fades despite her low income. She continues to share her knowledge with children at her school or disadvantaged children who are unable to receive formal education.

“I believe all children have the right to education, including those who have economic difficulties and cannot afford the school fees,” he said.

Sabrina also joined Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) as an educator in early 2021. Through Rumah Belajar Ceria program initiated by MRI-ACT, Sabrina can teach various lessons for school dropouts.

One of the learning moments at Rumah Belajar Ceria.(ACTNews)

Sabrina said, usually the class was filled with about 40 children of various age groups. “ For those who are around 6-13 years old, we usually teach them how to read and write because many children don’t know how to do those. We also teach maths, English, multimedia, and other subjects,” said Sabrina.

Apart from being an educator, Sabrina also takes part in other MRI-ACT activities such as Free Meal Operations for underprivileged people, psychosocial activities for people affected by disasters, and many more. “We motivate them, including the children, so they won't be traumatized by the disaster that befell them,” said Sabrina.[]