Sahabat Guru Indonesia, a New Approach to Uplift Teachers’ Spirit

Akhmad Supriyatna, a teaching practitioner and Chairperson of the Bina Putera Foundation in Serang, Banten, considered the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program a new approach to uplift the teachers’ spirit. According to him, support for dedicated teachers must continue.

Teachers in Kopo Subdistrict received the fourth batch of financial assistance through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia Program on Thursday (6/11). (ACTNews / Gina Mardani).

ACTNews, SERANG - Support for dedicated teachers, especially in private schools, is considered necessary by Akhmad Supriyatna. Sahabat Guru Indonesia program is considered to be one of the initial steps to provide support for teachers.

According to Akhmad, the teachers who must be supported are those who have dedicated themselves to teaching. The financial assistance provided every month can be the beginning of the support for teachers.

"The support for the teachers can start with the financial aid because, in general, private schools often don’t have enough funds to pay the teachers. We can see this fact in private schools across many Indonesian regions, "Akhmad said when ACTNews team met him at Bina Putera High School, Kopo, Serang, Thursday (6/11).

If the basic needs of the teachers are not met, it can have an impact on the school quality. In fact, it is not uncommon that many of the pioneering schools across many Indonesian villages are private schools.

"So, how can we improve this condition? In my opinion, Sahabat Guru Indonesia is an alternative way to support teachers. I told the teachers who received this assistance to be thankful for this assistance by performing their best with a total dedication,” continued Akhmad.

That Thursday, ACT handed over the fourth batch of the financial aid through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (SGI) program. On that day, the organization for the SGI in Kopo Subdistrict, Serang, was also formed. Since early 2020, the financial aid for the teachers in Kopo Subdistrict has been handed over.

Sahabat Guru Indonesia Coordinator Riski Andriani explained, SGI has been periodically handing over the financial aid for the teachers. Global Zakat – ACT, with the support of the philanthropists, has been working to uplift the spirit of the economically underprivileged teachers who have been sincerely educating the Indonesian children. Until June, over a thousand underprivileged teachers throughout Indonesia have been supported through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program. In addition to providing financial assistance, this program is also expected to become an organization that serves to advocate honorary teachers. "We hope that through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia Program, we can support the aspirations of the teachers," Riski said. []