Sahabat Guru Indonesia’s First Anniversary: An Endeavor to Assist Indonesian Teachers

From cities to remote villages, Global Zakat-ACT tries to come to support underprivileged and honorary teachers through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program. In this year alone, thousands of teachers have received living expenses and continued assistance, and this number will continue to grow and expand with the support of generous donors.

Sahabat Guru Indonesia’s First Anniversary: An Endeavor to Assist Indonesian Teachers' photo
Teachers in North Padang Lawas Regency who received food packages from Global Zakat-ACT in the framework of the 2020 National Teacher's Day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Coinciding with the moment of National Teacher's Day which fell on November 25, 2019, Global Zakat-ACT launched its newest program, Sahabat Guru Indonesia. At the beginning of its presence, Global Zakat-ACT provided living costs for underprivileged and honorary teachers in various parts of the archipelago. ACTNews also had the opportunity to document the initial implementation for honorary teachers, one of which was at SDN Pasirlancar 2, Sindangresmi District, Pandeglang Regency, Saturday (23/11/2019).

There, we met Dedi Mulyadi, who has dedicated himself as an honorary teacher in his hometown since 2007. It was from this meeting that we convinced the ACTNews team that there are still many teachers with a similar fate to Dedi and they are scattered in various regions. Dedi himself received a monthly salary of Rp. 300 thousand with payments in the dirapel every three months or every time the school operational assistance funds were disbursed. However, there is no burden or regret for Dedi choosing to devote his life to education. He is always proud and happy to be part of the educators who give birth to national leaders.

“Mother, wife and children know my job and salary as a teacher. But they accept, even always support, "said Dedi.

Now, a year has passed by ACTNews' meeting with Dedi. This year we also received various actions and stories about the struggles of teachers in various regions. They are unsung heroes who do not prioritize material things in their work. As did Muhammad Kamaludin, a teacher from Bojonggambir District, Tasikmalaya Regency. In a village surrounded by tea plantations, Kamal and other teachers founded and devoted themselves to a school which in early 2020 conditions were very poor. He is determined to provide a school that is affordable and remotely for villagers in remote areas of Tasikmalaya.

Dedi and Kamal are among the many honorary and underprivileged educators in Indonesia. They are also the ones who will continue to support Global Zakat-ACT in their struggle. Currently, the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program has been running for a year. And, there will come the following years which will continue to be pursued by providing living expenses and assistance for teachers.

"There are already thousands of teachers who receive living expenses and further assistance. From this action, new virtues initiated by Sahabat Guru Indonesia beneficiary teachers have also emerged. But of course this number cannot fully cover, there are still many honorary and underprivileged teachers who have not been reached by Global Zakat. " said Riski Andriani, Coordinator of the Indonesian Teacher Friends Program, Thursday (26/11).

Funded by Zakat

The presence of the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program is an initiative of Global Zakat-ACT to assist teachers in using the collected zakat funds. It is also a manifestation of the widespread kindness of zakat funds. Within this one year, program implementation has been carried out in western Indonesia, Aceh for example, as well as in eastern Indonesia such as in Sulawesi to Maluku and will continue to expand to Papua.

The zakat funds distributed by the public through Global Zakat-ACT have continued to be generous. The real form is the presence of the Indonesian Teacher Friends Forum which initiates social service for underprivileged people or other teachers. Not to mention the beneficiary teachers who later joined the ranks of Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI) volunteers to carry out humanitarian actions with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

Riski said, Global Zakat-ACT continues to open opportunities for the public and partners to take part in mentoring teachers. Zakat funds can be channeled through the nearest ACT branches or through the Indonesia Dermawan website. "For those who are confused about calculating the value of zakat, you can contact the nearest Global Zakat-ACT team or access the official website of Global Zakat. We have prepared a zakat calculation application," said Riski. []


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