Salama Attaallah Alqidairi Family Trapped in Poverty

The condition of the refugee camp in the Nusret area is very poor. Electricity failure, unemployment and poverty were at high levels, polluted water supplies and food scarcity. Those are the problems that happened in the area where Attaallah's family lives.

The Salama family was in an unsuitable house because it was only made of tarpaulin and thatched with iron sheets. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA — The poverty of the Palestinians in refugee camps is inevitable. Many camps are crowded and uninhabitable. Walls were made by tarpaulin and the road paved with dirt. This condition is experienced by Salama Attaallah Alqidairi’s Family.

Salama Attaallah Alqidairi and her family currently stay at a refugee camp located in Nusret, Wadi Gaza, Middle Area. They are living in poverty.

Nusret is one of areas of the Palestinian refugee camp with a very dire condition. Electricity failure, unemployment, and poverty are high levels. Clean water and food are scarce.

Salama lives with her four children in a filthy tent, and do their daily activities there. Based on a report of the Global Humanity Response - ACT, the place where they live is far from a good condition, with the walls made of only tarpaulin and iron sheeting.

“ The tent could not protect them from extreme winter,” said Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response-ACT, Sunday (3/14/2021).

Her family member suffers from chronic illness and needs intensive treatment, but she has no money. ACT, through Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia, tries its best to help Salama’s family. To all generous donors who want to become a part of the Palestinian welfare program can contribute through Indonesia Dermawan website.[]