Salary of Honorary Teachers in Morawa Deferred and Unpaid during Pandemic

Payments for honorary teacher salaries in Morawa, Sigi Regency, during the Covid-19 pandemic are often postponed. However, the spirit and belief of teachers to create a generation with positive character overcame these conditions.

Suharso, an honorary teacher in Binangga Village, Marawola District, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi, receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIGI – The Covid-19 pandemic does not dampen the enthusiasm and intention of honorary teachers in Binangga Village, Marawola District, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi to teach. However, the fiery spirit is not comparable to the salaries that honorary teachers receive during the pandemic.

Global Zakat-ACT visited and provided scholarship and food packages assistance to 15 honorary teachers in Binangga village, Thursday (8/19/2021). 

Mustafa from ACT Central Sulawesi Program Team says the teachers have started teaching in schools by implementing health protocols.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of children attending school is limited. Teachers and students are required to implement strict health protocols. The enthusiasm of the teachers has not diminished," said Mustafa.

However, Mustafa added, the high enthusiasm of the teachers is not comparable to the current salary they receive. The salary of honorary teachers is often deferred for an indefinite time. Sometimes they don't even get paid.

“Sometimes, honorary teachers receive salaries every four to six months. Some even do not get paid. These teachers teach in junior high schools and Islamic boarding schools. Schools or Islamic boarding schools are experiencing financial difficulties during the pandemic," he said.

However, honorary teachers believe that teachers are professions that can shape one's character. Hence, to create a positive person's character, the struggle should not stop even in challenging conditions.

"The teachers also expressed their gratitude to the benefactors and Global Zakat-ACT for the assistance provided," concluded Mustafa.[]