Salbiah's Fight Against Tumor

Salbiah's Fight Against Tumor

ACTNews, RIAU – Salbiah had no idea that the growth on her left eye that appeared five years ago would grow so big and cover her eye. Initially, Salbiah thought that this growth was an ordinary skin disease. When she was medically examined, she found out that she has a tumor.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) team responded by giving assistance to Salbiah to alleviate her suffering. The team handed out financial aid for Salbiah’s treatment. Andika of the MSR team said explained about Salbiah’s condition.

Salbiah now lives with her husband and two children studying in elementary school. Her other two children are studying in Islamic boarding school. Now, only her husband takes care of her in their house, as reported by Andika when visiting Salbiah’s house.

Jamil, Salbiah’s husband, can no longer work because of his illness. He’s now 63-year-old.

“Mr. Jamil, Salbiah’s husband, use to work as LPG-Cylinder seller, but he has stopped working recently due to his gout that makes him unable to walk,” said Andika.  

To fully heal from the tumor, Salbiah needs proper medical treatment. Andika said that Salbiah was initially treated in Community Health Center. She was then referred to Meranti General Hospital and Arifin Ahmad General Hospital.

Unfortunately, she needs to be taken to Jakarta for her treatment. “She has to be taken to Jakarta because the hospitals in Riau have no adequate equipment to treat her,” said Jamil.

“Salbiah’s family was pessimistic about being able to bring her to Jakarta because Jamil no longer works and they have no money for transport and treatment,” said Andika.

In an effort to help Salbiah, ACT through the MSR program with raised funds for Salbiah’s treatment in Jakarta. These funds were handed over to Salbiah on Saturday (3/9).

“I am very grateful for the aid. Thank you very much,” said Salbiah. []



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