Salmi Struggles as Sole Breadwinner During Pandemic

Salmi works as a burger peddler to pay for her husband’s treatment and her three children’s education.

Salmi and her burger cart. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAKASSAR – In late afternoon in the middle of the busy Makassar City, a woman was seen pushing a cart around the Pa'baeng-Baeng Market Roundabout in Tamalate District of Makassar. Alone, she works selling burgers to provide for her family, including to pay for her husband’s medical treatment and her three children’s education.

The woman’s name is Salmi. She works every day from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Pa'baeng-Baeng Market Roundabout in Makassar.

"There are hardly any buyers. At times, I earn only IDR 150,000 when there are many buyers,” said Salmi. Her livelihood has been affected by the activity restrictions during the pandemic.

In early August, her house in Lepping Housing Complex in Makassar caught fire. Though her cart was safe, her only abode was damaged. Because of this, she stopped selling for a few days.

Recently, Global Wakaf – ACT brought something special to her by buying up her burgers to support her business. She couldn’t hide her happiness when Global Wakaf – ACT came to buy all of her burgers and give them away for free. []