Samida Continues Running Her Business Despite Almost Closed Down

Samida (49) and her family have long been selling meatball soup and noodle soup to make ends meet. Sadly, Samida’s home business almost closes due to lack of business capital.

Samida Continues Running Her Business Despite Almost Closed Down' photo
Samida (49) preparing several portions of noodle soup. The business that her family and she have been running for 26 years was almost closed. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TAKALAR - Samida has been her family’s only breadwinner since her husband passed away a decade ago. Baso Daeng Gassing, her husband, passed away when going home from fishing. His fishing boat sank in the waters of Takalar and was lost. All efforts have been made by the rescue team to search for the fishermen, but they came to no fruition.

Now, Samida takes care of the meatball soup and noodle soup business that has been running for 26 years alone. After her husband’s demise ten years ago, Samida’s sorrow has gradually healed. However, lately, things have not been easy for Samida as her business is also affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. With her sales decreasing, her income becomes uncertain while she still has basic necessities to fulfill.

"I must not despair. My girls have been assisting me in my stall,” Samida told the volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia Takalar that visited her on Wednesday (6/17).

Samida is one of the beneficiaries of the Friends of Indonesian Micro Businesses (Sahabat UMI) Program in South Sulawesi. Charity from generous friends was given to support Samida's business.

"Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for this business capital assistance. Please pray that my business will keep going,” Samida hoped.

ACT South Sulawesi Program Coordinator Andi Syurganda Haruna explained, ACT South Sulawesi endeavors to support the mothers who are supporting their respective families. To date, ACT South Sulawesi have aided dozens of women. "We hope that our endeavors will also be supported by all generous benefactors. Hopefully, we can continue assisting female business owners," said Syurganda. []