Samiyah’s Efforts to Prosper her Family

Since returning from Saudi Arabia 4 years ago, Samiyah opens a shop that sells LPG in a stall in front of her house and started farming. In spite of capital constraints, Samiyah chose not to rely on moneylenders.

Samiyah’s Efforts to Prosper her Family' photo
Samiyah in her stall in front of her house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARAWANG – Many women in Sindang Village, Kutawaluya District, Karawang, work as migrant workers in Saudi Arabia at some point of their lives. Samiyah (50), was one of them. She returned home from Saudi Arabia 4 years ago. Now, she takes cares of her grandchildren while her daughters work in Saudi Arabia.

Upon returning from Saudi Arabia, Samiyah immediately set up a shop in front of his house to sell LPG. From selling LPG, she earns a profit of IDR 50,000 a day. She also has a farm that makes IDR 3,000,000 for each harvest.

Her efforts have come to fruition. Previously, the walls of her house are made of woven bamboo. Now, her house has been renovated. She has also been able to save some of the rice for her own family.

Her business doesn’t always run smoothly. Samiyah often has to deal with the lack of capital. Her children forbid her from lending money to moneylenders due to the high interests. She has been raising livestock to help cover the capital need.

"My children forbid me from taking loans from moneylenders because the interest is too high. But I currently need more money to buy some fertilizers and shelves so I will have more things to sell in my shop," said Samiyah on Saturday (10/19).

Through the Micro Business Capital Waqf program, Global Wakaf - ACT gave capital assistance to support her businesses.

Handover of the Waqf for Micro Business Capital to Samiyah. (ACTNews)

"The Waqf for Micro Business Capital will help Samiyah's business so that she doesn’t have to take loans from the moneylenders. She is committed to paying back the capital waqf over the next 10 months,” said Wahyu Nur Alim from the Global Wakaf - ACT.

Besides Samiyah, there are 17 other businesses who received capital assistance in Sindang Village on Saturday and Sunday (20/10). Wahyu hoped that this assistance can be useful for local small businesses.

"We also hope for the support from the benefactors through this Waqf for Micro Business Capital program. Hopefully there will be more beneficiaries in Sindang Village and other areas in Indonesia, especially in these difficult times, "said Wahyu. []


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