Santi’s Quran School Needs Renovation

For 18 years, Santi has been a Quran teacher for the local children. Her house that is made of wooden boards and palm leaves becomes a classroom for them to study the book of Allah.

Santi holds an old Quran often used by the students. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUWU – Despite her physical limitations, Santi (40) never relents in cultivating the love for the Qur’an in the hearts of the local children in Tunas Baru Hamlet, Kendekan Village, East Walenrang, Luwu. For eighteen years, she has dedicated herself to teaching the Quran in a Quran school that she opens at her house. Every day after the midday prayer, children flock to her house to read the Qur’an.

The copies of the Qur’an that she uses to teach the children were donated by the local residents. Santi visited each house to fetch them. The Qur’an copies are old and shabby after being used by the students on a daily basis.

“They are still used by the students for learning. They’re shabby but still readable,” said Santi. She has no money to buy new Quran copies for her students.

Quran copies used by Santi’s students. (ACTNews)

Dozens of children learn the Quran under Santi for free. She doesn’t want to burden their parents with tuition fees.

Previously, Santi was a farm laborer. Sadly, since 2003, she has been paralyzed, rendering her unable to work for a living. Another tribulation befalls her when her husband left her in 2003. Now she lives with her two sons Takdir (20), who works as a construction worker, and Syahrul (19) who accompanies her at home.

Santi’s house needs renovation

Santi's house also serves as the Quran school (ACTNews)

Currently, ACT South Sulawesi is raising funds to renovate Santi’s residence that is also used as the Quran school. Firman from Aksi Cepat Tanggap South Sulawesi Program Department explained that they managed to raise IDR 3 million at the moment. There are still 88 days before the fundraising on the Indonesia Dermawan website ends.

"The funds raised will be used to renovate the Santi’s house. We will also provide new Quran copies for the school so that the children’s spirit will be boosted,” said Firman.[]