Sari Often Closes Her Stall Due to the Pandemic

The Soto (Indonesian soup) stall run by Sari Rezeki rarely opens after being affected by the pandemic. Sari supports her family by selling Soto.

Sari Rezeki
Handover of capital assistance from Waqf for MSMEs program to Sari Rezeki, Saturday (7/10/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAMBI – “Hopefully, through this Waqf for MSMEs program, my business can run more smoothly and continue to thrive,” said Sari Rezeki when receiving assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT Team. Sari and nine other people in Bagan Pete Village, Alam Barajo District, Jambi City, received financial aid, Saturday (7/10/2021).

Sari's business has faced several challenges after being affected by the pandemic. “I often close my stall because of the lack of customers. My income has also decreased,” said Sari.

She has been in this business for the past year. Previously, Sari was an employee of a food stall owned by her cousin. She is confident with her cooking skill, so she decided to open a Soto (Indonesian soup) stall.

“I run this business to meet the needs of my family. I am the breadwinner of my family,” said Sari. Her husband has passed away. Sari is trying to maintain and expand her business even though she is currently going through difficult times.

Waqf for MSMEs program is one of Global Wakaf-ACT's efforts in advancing MSMEs during the difficult times due to the pandemic. This program is expected to be a driving force for businesses amid a pandemic. Global Wakaf-ACT has provided business assistance to small and micro-scale entrepreneurs in various parts of the country. []