Sarjiman Has Two Incomes to Support His Family

As the head of the family, Sarjiman (57) continues working to support his wife and children. He peddles toys to earn additional income while opening a grocery store near his house.

Sarjiman opens a grocery store and peddles toys to support his family. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – As the head of the household, Sarjiman (57) always ensures that the needs of his family members are fully met. For that, he has two incomes from his grocery store and from the toys that he peddles.

When Sarjiman peddles toys, Sarjiman's wife or their children will look after the grocery shop. Sarjiman helps out at the grocery store when he comes home. "I have been selling toys for about twenty years," added Sarjiman when met by Global Wakaf-ACT Team, Saturday (8/7/2021).

His businesses are enough to support daily needs and his children’s tuition fees. However, during the emergency PPKM, Sarjiman rarely finds buyers due to activity restrictions.

"During this pandemic, my turnover has decreased. However, I still peddle my sales to earn additional income,” said this resident of Kerten Hamlet, Imogiri Village, Imogiri District, Bantul Regency.

Global Wakaf-ACT provided business capital assistance to Sarjiman through Waqf for MSMEs program. Sarjiman was grateful, and he plans to expand his business again through this assistance. "Alhamdulillah, I am so happy. I plan to buy additional sales with this assistance," he said.

Global Wakaf-ACT also assisted two other people in Bantul. This business capital assistance through Waqf for MSMEs is one of Global Wakaf-ACT's efforts to strengthen the struggle of MSMEs affected during the pandemic. []