Sarman Allots His Income for Islamic Education

Concerned that the education of the children in his village was in dire condition, Ustaz Sarman allots his income to teach the Quran and Islamic knowledge to the children. His teaching spirit remains high despite the limited learning facility.

Ustaz Sarman.
Ustaz Sarman in his house when visited by ACT Bogor team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – The location of Pasir Honje Hamlet, Cibeber II Village, Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency, is 32.2 kilometers in the southwest of Bogor City. The road to get to the village was quite difficult due to the hills area and dirt roads that are difficult to pass during the rainy season.

In the village, Ustaz Sarman dedicates his life to teach the Quran and Islamic knowledge to the surrounding children. The remote location that is far from the urban city limits the availability of educational facilities to learn the Quran or having a formal education in the village. As a result, many of the village children have already dropped out of school before entering senior high school.

“There is Leuwiliang Vocational School about five kilometers away by foot. However, most of the students only learn until junior high school. They said it is too far to continue to the high school education. Financial difficulty also makes parents prefer their children to farm rather than continuing their high school study," said Ustaz Sarman, Tuesday (8/24/2021).

Seeing that condition, Ustaz Sarman cannot do much but is determined that the children in his area must at least get enough knowledge of Islam.

“I am determined that even though the children cannot continue their school, but they still have to learn Islamic knowledge. Therefore,  I decided to teach the Quran and Islamic knowledge to them,” he said.

Due to limited facilities, sometimes, Ustaz Sarman has to spend his own money to buy the Quran copies, pay for electricity bills, or purchase religious textbooks for his students. Even the current Quran learning place is still using his own land.

“I work any job including being a construction worker or a farm laborer for other people's fields. When there is no work, I can’t pay the bills so the electricity goes out and the children recite the Quran in the dark using candles. I meet my daily food needs by working as a farm laborer," he explained.

To ease Ustaz Sarman’s burden, on Tuesday (8/24/2021) Global Zakat-ACT delivered financial assistance along with a prayer kit and food package to him. According to Ustaz Sarman, he will use the assistance to buy children’s needs for learning.[]