Satiyah’s Hope Never Breaks Despite Trials and Difficulties

Satiyah has opened several businesses to support her family. Sadly, she had to deal with trials such as fire, business loss, and the pandemic. Despite the difficulties she goes through, her spirit to support her family never breaks.

Having previously sold scrap metals and groceries, Satiyah now sells chicken satay. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Satiyah and her family sailed all the way from Madura Island to Jakarta years ago in the hope of a better living. They now settled in Kamal Muara, North Jakarta.

At first, Satiyah and her husband decided to sell scrap metals. It all went smoothly, and they were able to save some money for their children. One day, unfortunately, a fire broke and destroyed her business place.

“I decided to begin a new business with the money I had saved from selling scraps. We opened a small grocery shop,” said Satiah to Global Wakaf – ACT, Saturday (10/23/2021).

The profits from selling groceries, however, were not enough to cover all of their costs. Satiyah and her husband decided to start a new business by selling chicken satay.

Satiyah’s livelihood has to once again deal with difficulties. The COVID-19 pandemic requires activity restrictions to be implemented to curb the spread of the disease. Satiyah never gives up despite the tribulations that she faces.

Now, all she needs is a long cloth for her tent. “If I had extra money, I would use it to buy extra items for me to sell. I often have to use the money for my capital to buy basic needs,” revealed Satiyah.

Through Waqf for MSMEs, Global Wakaf – ACT provides business capital and assistance for Satiyah so that her business can develop.

Currently, Global Wakaf – ACT has benefitted many Indonesian MSMEs that are affected by the pandemic. With the support from Generous Friends, Global Wakaf – ACT aims to support as many MSMEs as possible. []