Savory Iftar from Global Qurban Aqiqah

Through the Global Qurban Aqiqah program, Global Qurban - ACT distributed hundreds of iftar packages to residents in Depok and South Tangerang. The fast breaking meals were provided to daily workers and impoverished communities affected by COVID-19.

Savory Iftar from Global Qurban Aqiqah' photo
Lamb satay from Global Qurban Aqiqah - ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG - Global Qurban - ACT distributed hundreds of meal packages in several areas in South Tangerang and Depok. The distribution of the aqiqah meals on Friday (5/1) afternoon aimed to help the residents affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

The aqiqah meal distribution from the Global Qurban Aqiqah targeted daily workers because they still have to work outside amidst the pandemic. To avoid crowds, the team delivered the meal packages directly to the recipients' homes.

"We targeted daily workers working on the streets. We directly delivered the aqiqah meal packages directly to the beneficiaries. Hundreds of meal packages containing satay, curry rice, crackers, pickles, fruit, and mineral water were distributed, "said Adam Summa Fadhillah from the Global Qurban Aqiqah Team.

Adam hoped, the meal packages cooked from the aqiqah sacrifice can be beneficial for the recipients for their iftar especially during difficult financial conditions.

One of the online motorcycle taxi drivers who received iftar packages from Global Qurban Aqiqah - ACT. (ACTNews)

"Hopefully the meal packages can be eaten to break their fast. As we know, COVID-19 also affects the economic conditions of the community, especially daily laborers. We hope to ease their burden so they don't need to worry about food to break their fast today, "Adam said.

One of the beneficiaries was Syamsuri, a taxi driver in Pondok Cabe. He thanked Global Qurban Aqiqah from Global Qurban – ACT, and prayed for the donors who had provided food for them.

"I thank Global Qurban - ACT for providing food to break my fast. May Allah repay your kindness. It is truly beneficial to me. And I say thank you so much to ACT and Global Qurban once more," said Syamsuri.

Global Qurban part of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), a humanitarian agency with years of experience in supporting victims of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Thus, the distribution of aqiqah packages will be more focused on the poor, disaster victims, and victims of humanitarian conflicts. []