Scholarship Aid to Uplift the Students of Gaza

Scholarship Aid to Uplift the Students of Gaza

ACTNews, TRIPOLI – Education is a luxury for students in conflict-ridden countries. Not only that they are economically unable, but the quality of education in those countries is also unreliable. In Palestine, for example, only a few have the privilege to study in universities inside Palestinian territories. Some students have to pursue their study in countries like Lebanon, Malaysia and Sudan. 

The education of the Palestinians is also among Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s concerns. In February 2019, Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT reported that hundreds of Palestinians students that are studying in various countries received scholarship aid from ACT.

 In Palestine, the scholarship aid was handed out to a number of students studying in several Palestinian Universities like Islamic University of Gaza, Al-Aqsa University Gaza, and College of Applied Science – Gaza. In Malaysia, a number of Palestinian students studying in several Malaysian universities like Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Limkokwing University, University Putra Malaysia, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia received the scholarship aid.

“There were 215 Palestinian students benefitting from this program. The aid was given to Palestinian students in Palestine and other countries who are having difficulties to pay their tuition fees,” reported Andi Noor Faradiba of GHR – ACT. Faradiba added that the scholarship aid is funded by the zakat of the people of Indonesia administered by Global Zakat – ACT.

One of those Palestinian students was Muna Shar’a, a student of Islamic Studies Department in Jinan University. “When I was young, I want to be a medical doctor, but as I grew up our economic situation is not conducive to my medical study. So I took a different program that I also love. I took Sharia program,” said Shar’a.

She further said that in his early years, everything went smoothly. As graduation nears, she didn’t realize that the economic condition in Lebanon would worsen, making it difficult for the students to pay their tuition fees. Many of the students spend only a year to study and then halt their study for a year. There are also students who work part-time jobs to help them pay their fees.

“I thank ACT who have helped us and guaranteed our finishing this semester so that we can graduate and find jobs. Thank you for the scholarship aid given to us,” concluded Shar’a.

Earlier this year, ACT also gave allowance aid for hundreds of Quran teachers in Palestine. These teachers teach Gazan students who aspire to memorize the Quran. Some of the teachers are university students who are finishing their study. []


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