Scholarship Assistance Helps Uighur Orphans Study

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Turkey recently visited Uighur children in Istanbul to hand over education assistance to hundreds of Uighur orphans with the hope to be able to boost their enthusiasm.

uighur orphans
Uighur children receive scholarship from Indonesian philanthropists. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – In 2021, there are around 45 thousand Uighurs living in Turkey. Without the needed documents, they are unable to find jobs and fulfill their daily needs, including food, healthcare, and education.

Many Uighur children are unable to attend formal schools due to financial constraints. Sadly, many of these children are orphans who have no one who supports them.

For this reason, the Aksi Cepat Tanggap team in Turkey came to Istanbul, one of the big cities in Turkey where many Uighurs live, to provide scholarship assistance for the Uighur children.

"We came to deliver assistance in the form of scholarships for Uighur children in Istanbul so that they can continue studying to achieve their dreams,” said Firdaus Guritno of Global Humanity Response – ACT, Thursday (10/14/2021).

ACT Turkey teaches a little Indonesian language to the Uighur students. (ACTnews)

As many as 300 children in the Zeytinburnu area, Istanbul, received scholarship assistance. They are orphans who are studying in elementary school. Firdaus hoped that this assistance will be able to foster their enthusiasm for learning and raise the status of their families.

The team also took part in teaching the Uighur children, including teaching a few words in the Indonesian language. "The children were very happy when the team was there. They were glad to be able to learn new things. Insha Allah, this assistance will be useful for them,” hoped Firdaus. []