School Bus for Palestine Ready to Operate in New Academic Year

Entering the new academic year in Palestine, a school bus from Generous Benefactors is also ready to operate. Per trip, the bus can carry at least 50 Gazan students from their houses to school.

School Bus for Palestine.
Gazan students are picked up by ACT’s school bus. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Welcoming the new academic year in Palestine, Aksi Cepat Tanggap provides school bus assistance for the Gazan students. The bus, which has a dominant orange color, is a form of support from Generous Benefactors to shuttle students from home to school.

The shuttle bus has two routes for its operation. The first route starts from the Al-Shaikh Redwan area, Gaza City, which includes Al-Awal, Al-Thani, and Al-Thaleth Streets, then leads to the Al-Toffah area and ends in the Alshujaiah area. For the second route, the bus will focus on the northern Gaza area.

On each trip, the bus can carry 50 passengers that mostly are the Gazan elementary school students. In addition, the bus will also be projected as shuttle transportation for deaf students in North Gaza.

According to Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response, shuttle transportation for Gazan students is very needed. Students in Gaza barely have specific transportation. They had to walk a distance to reach their schools.

“Currently, the amount of shuttle transportation is not yet enough to carry the majority of students. So far, the only available transportation is motorbike carts where children have to jostle with other goods in the carts," said Mukaffiy, Saturday (8/21/2021).

Mukaffiy added that school bus assistance was an effort to support Palestinian education whose literacy rate has reached 97%. He continued that education is the top priority for every Gazan family. Therefore, children in Gaza always go to school enthusiastically. The distance between home and school is not an obstacle for them.

"In addition to school bus provision, to welcome this new academic year, ACT has also provided tuition assistance for a number of students. Various school equipment has also been provided to boost their learning spirit," concluded Mukaffiy.[]