Schools in Sukajaya Threatened by Potential Landslides

The schools in Sukajaya hadn't yet opened after the end of year vacation. Many of the students had evacuated with their parents to safer places.

SDN Banar 2 was used temporarily as a post for the joint rescue teams. They had been searching the hamlet for five days to find the landslide victims that were declared missing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY - After the landslide in Sukajaya Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, the teaching and learning activities have been halted until Monday (1/6). Although it was supposed to be the first day of school after the end of year vacation. One of the schools that were still closed was SDN Banar 2 in Harkat Jaya Village, Sukajaya.

On Monday morning, the school located not far from the landslide-hit village of Sinar Harapan was temporarily used as a search and rescue post. There were no teachers and students present. However, Muhaimin, the principal of SDN Banar 2, was present to monitor the condition of his school and assist the Search and Rescue team to comb several areas to find the victims that were still missing.

"We don’t know when the school will start again. The students are still evacuating with their respective families. We have no idea where they are now. It’s still rather difficult to reach and communicate with the students, "he explained.

One of Muhaimin's students, Cici Handayani, aged around 9-11, was still missing since the landslide hit Kampung Sinar Harapan.

Banar 2 Public Elementary School with piles of mud behind it. The school principal is expecting a relocation because this area is prone to landslides. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

The buildings of SDN Banar 2 are standing still. However, it is prone to landslide because it is located between cliffs and hills. Some of the hills behind the library the classroom for the 6th Grade collapsed. The main road to this school was also blocked by debris.

Now, Muhaimin has not been able to do much. He planned to talk to the local education office to ask for the relocation of SDN Banar 2. "The location of this school is vulnerable to landslides. Moreover, it’s located not far from the village of Sinar Harapan which was hit by a massive landslide that claimed several lives. The school will try to reach the local education office with the hope that they can relocate us or provide a temporary place in other locations," he hoped, Monday (6/1).

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Besides SDN Banar 2, SDN Banar 3 was also still closed. This school was being used to accommodate evacuees from Kampung Banar and Sinar Harapan who were affected by landslides. The two villages have now been abandoned by all of their inhabitants. []