Search for Missing Earthquake Victims at Mitra Manakarra Hospital Mamuju Continues

Rescue team from Aksi Cepat Tanggap searched for the earthquake victims who are suspected of being buried beneath the ruins of Mitra Manakarra Hospital in Mamuju Regency along with rescue teams from other institutions, Monday (1/18/2021).

Rescue team from BASARNAS and other agencies search for victims who are still trapped in the ruins of Mitra Manakarra Hospital, Mamuju, Monday (1/18/2021). ACT’s rescue team also took part in this search operation. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, MAMUJU - Four Aksi Cepat Tanggap Rescue Teams were assigned to rescue the earthquake victims trapped beneath the ruins of Mitra Manakarra Hospital, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Monday (1/18/2021).

ACT Rescue Team member Siti Maryam reported that there were still three people who were still trapped. Their family members have recently reported their missing as the three were last seen in the hospital.

Led by BASARNAS, the rescue operation took place at seven locations, including Mitra Manakarra Hospital. "The ACT rescue teams were also involved in the Search and Rescue operation at Manakarra Hospital," she explained.

The search and rescue operation was also assisted by sniffer dogs and heavy equipment. Mitra Manakarra Hospital is one of the four largest hospitals in Mamuju. On Saturday (1/16/2021), eight people were successfully rescued from the ruins with four of them died. They were two nurses and two patients.

Aftershocks still happen

Until Monday (1/18/2021) afternoon, aftershocks still occurred in Majene and felt in Mamuju. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that a magnitude 4.2 earthquake occurred at 11:11 a.m. West Indonesia Time. The epicenter was located on land 16 km northeast of Majene with a depth of 10 kilometers.

BMKG estimated that aftershocks would still occur. The National Disaster Management Agency appealed to the public to remain calm and always be vigilant regarding the potential for aftershocks of significant magnitude. []