Second Batch of Aid for Semeru Eruption Victims Dispatched from Central Java

For the second time, an aid truck for the victims of Mount Semeru Eruption was dispatched to East Java for the victims of the Mount Semeru eruption. In addition to basic need supplies, they also raised funds for the construction of Integrated Community Shelter (ICS).

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Aid trucks from Central Java for the victims of Mount Semeru Eruption. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SEMARANG – Nearly a month after the volcanic eruption of Mount Semeru, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is still actively inviting the community to help the victims. On Monday (1/3/2022), ACT Central Java Branch dispatched an aid truck for the victims of Mount Semeru Eruption.  

This second humanitarian truck brought 4 tons of basic supplies from Central Java residents that include new clothes, sleeping mats, hygiene kits, prayer kits, masks, and medicines. The aid truck was dispatched at the Mijen District Office on JL. RM Hadi Soebeno S No. 122, Jatisari, Mijen, Semarang, Monday (1/3/2022).

ACT Central Java Branch Manager Ma'ruf said that the enthusiasm of the people of Central Java to help their fellow Indonesians who were affected by the eruption in Lumajang was very high. This is shown by the provision of assistance that continues to this day.

"The first aid delivery from Central Java residents for victims of Mount Semeru eruption was dispatched in mid-December 2021. This is the second batch and hopefully not the last," he said.

In addition to the aid truck, the residents of Mijen District also raised IDR122 million for the construction of an Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) in Lumajang. Head of Mijen District, Didik Dwi Hartono said Mijen residents collaborate in helping the victims of Mount Semeru eruption.

“The people of Mijen are enthusiastic about providing assistance in the form of money and basic necessities including new clothes and medicines. Alhamdulillah, today the truck is dispatched to Lumajang," he said during the dispatch of the aid truck.

The Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound is a building complex that will be built during the recovery period in the aftermath of the Mount Semeru eruption. It will be equipped with supporting facilities such as a mosque, playground, public kitchen, and toilets. In addition, ACT also provides economic recovery assistance in the form of business grants.

"We also support their agricultural and animal farms," explained Ma'ruf. To continue to support this activity, donors are encouraged to visit the Indonesia Dermawan web page. []