Second Humanitarian Ship Departs for Palu

Second Humanitarian Ship Departs for Palu

Second Humanitarian Ship Departs for Palu' photo

ACTNews, JAKARTA – A number of initiatives to deliver food and basic needs for disaster-affected people in Central Sulawesi have been made. Along with the delivery of humanitarian aid by land transport, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) also sends a massive amount of food and basic needs by sea transport. Collaborating with PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry, another Humanitarian Ship for Palu, Sigi and Donggala departed after the previous ship had departed on October 8.

KMP Drajat Paciran, the ship that was appointed to be the second Humanitarian Ship for Palu, Sigi and Donggala, departed from Tanjung Priok Harbor, Jakarta, Monday (10/15). The ship sailed to Pantoloan Harbor, Palu, carrying hundreds of tons of basic need items. The ship was officially launched by ACT President, Ahyudin, represented by ACT Senior Vice President, Syuhelmaidi Syukur, and PT ASDP Ferry Indonesia Board of Directors.

In his speech, Ahyudin stated that the survivors in Palu, Sigi and Donggala still urgently need basic supplies although three weeks had passed since the disastrous day. Therefore, ACT will keep assisting the disaster victims by providing total disaster management, starting from giving emergency aud.

During this emergency phase, ACT collaborates with various elements of Indonesian society. According to Ahyudin, this is the wisdom behind the disasters that all elements of society unite to help the disaster victims in Central Sulawesi.

“ACT is extremely grateful for this excellent collaboration with many elements of Indonesian society. This initiative is able to be carried out thanks to the excellent sea transportation service that was provided by PT ASDP Ferry as our partner in sailing the Humanitarian Ship for Palu-Sigi-Donggala from Tanjung Priok Harbor, North Jakarta,” explained Ahyudin.

Meanwhile, Jusuf Hadi, Commercial Director of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry appreciated ACT for its swiftness in taking initiatives to help the disaster victims in Central Sulawesi. “Thank you very much. ACT’s popularity is maximized to boost public awareness in Indonesia. This foundation must have wonderful management and network of partnerships that are able to raise big amount of funds in short time. ASDP work under two Ministries: Ministry of Transport and Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. With ACT and its vast partnership network, ASDP will work totally for the sake of humanitarian missions,” said Hadi.

The departure of the second Humanitarian Ship marked yet another ACT’s commitment to provide emergency aid after the disasters have paralyzed Palu and its surrounding areas.

The second Humanitarian Ship for Palu-Sigi-Donggala carried 750 tons of aid gathered from organizations, communities and public communities. The aid consisted of groceries, mineral water, medical supplies, personal hygiene kits, food for babies and toddlers, blankets, tents, etc. The aid was gathered in Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) storehouse in Gunung Sindur, Bogor.

 Apart from humanitarian aid gathered by ACT, the Humanitarian Ship also carried aid from people of Jakarta and from other organizations that was gathered in Jakarta City Hall. Among the organizations that gathered aid in the city hall was Regional Disaster Mitigation Board of Jakarta Special Capital Region (BPBD DKI Jakarta), Indonesian Red Cross Society Jakarta, Dompet Dhuafa, Turun Tangan, Rumah Zakat, Youth Power Indonesia, and Relawan Jakarta Maju Bersama.

The ship is estimated to arrive at Palu in four days. The delivery of food and other basic necessities to fulfill the needs of earthquake and tsunami survivors in Palu will not stop here. Such Humanitarian Ship will not also be the last. As long as the sense of humanitarianism is in the heart of Indonesians, the Humanitarian Ship will continue sailing. []



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