Second Waqf-based Shop Launched in Lombok

Second Waqf-based Shop Launched in Lombok

ACTNews , WEST LOMBOK – The establishment of waqf-based shops as one of Global Wakaf’s efforts to revive the economy of Lombok after the earthquake has started. After the establishment of Integrated Community Shelter compound in Gangga, North Lombok, many waqf-based shops have also been built, one of them is near Quba mosque in Guntur Macan Village, West Lombok.

On Monday (10/22), the waqf-based shop in Quba Mosque was officially launched. The launching ceremony was attended by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) branch manager, Lalu Muhammad Alfian along with Quba Mosque Board and the local villagers.

According to Alfian, Lombok’s recovery can begin with reviving the economy. Strong economy can help rebuilding the self-reliance of the locals.

Stable and strong economy, Alfian added, can hasten the post-disaster recovery process. When businesses are running and people start working, the economy of Lombok can slowly rebuild and people can slowly forget their sorrow.

“If we can get 27 rewards for praying in congregation, we can also reap rewards from doing business transactions as well as bringing immense benefits for the community,” said Alfian.

Through the tagline “Our Shopping, Our Waqf”, the waqf-based shops aim not only to involve the locals in sharia-compliant business transactions, but also to empower them through waqf. They can buy their needs at cheap rates while also allotting some of their money for waqf.

“In Waqf-based shops, we can donate for waqf while we shop for our needs at cheap prices. Every rupiah from these shops will be used for waqf,” Alfian added.

In long run, the benefits of these shops can help funding other waqf-based products and enterprises such as opening other waqf-based shops.

The shop in Guntur Macan is fully managed by the Quba Mosque Board. The revenue of this shop will be beneficial to support Islamic activities in the mosque and to its surrounding community.

In the future, 100 units if Waqf-based Shop will be built throughout Lombok to help rebuilding the economy on the island. Although waqf-based shops sell their goods at cheap rates, but they are not meant to compete with the existing local shops. “The Waqf-based shop will support these local shops, for example by supplying them with goods at wholesale price,” Alfian explained.

The local village government of Guntur Macan warmly welcomed the launching of the Waqf-based shop. As stated by Guntur Macan Village Secretary, Muhammad Syar’I, the Waqf-based shop that was built next to the ruins of Quba Mosque is a blessing that came after the disaster. This shop will facilitate the locals to buy things they need after many local shops were also destroyed by the earthquake.

“Let us make the intention that this shop will be our mutual charity. Through shopping in this shop, it can hasten the reconstruction of our destroyed mosque,” said Syar’I inviting the locals.

Syar’I was genuinely interested to the waqf concept offered by Global Wakaf. Unlike other form of waqf where the endowments are used for houses of worship and educational facilities, Global Wakaf’s waqf assets are managed in a more productive way. “This will bring benefits, since it involves the wider society,” added Syar’i.

During the launching, Syar’i and his family also took time to shop. According to him, the prices of the items sold in the shop are quite cheap. Equipped with computerized system, the customers can shop comfortably like in minimarkets and convenient stores. “The items sold here vary, Insha Allah, this shop will be an economic center in the village,” he concluded.

Syar’I expressed his thankfulness to Global Wakaf that has trusted the people in his community to manage the Waqf-based shop. He realized that the trust that has been given to him and the Quba mosque board is a heavy responsibility. Therefore, he is committed to manage it the best he can to make sure the waqf-based shop will bring immense benefit for the community. []



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