Selling Sandals for Extra Income, Yaman Believes Benefits from Teaching is Eternal

To earn extra money, Yaman, an honorary teacher in Sukabumi Regency, peddles sandals. For him, what he reaps from being a teacher is the eternal rewards that will benefit him in the hereafter.

Yaman (right) receives food packages from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

CTNews, SUKABUMI REGENCY – During the rainy season, it becomes too difficult for Yaman, an honorary teacher from Gunung Kramat Village in Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency, to peddle his sandals. The dirt paths often become too slippery and difficult to traverse.

 “Sukabumi is a mountainous area. I often have to go up and down the hills, often through steep paths. If it rains, they become too slippery and dangerous to traverse,” said Yaman Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited him on Wednesday (12/1/2021).

Yaman peddles sandals to the neighboring villages, a business that he has done to earn more money. Having been working for three years as an honorary teacher, he earns a monthly salary of IDR400,000. Despite not earning much, he does not want to quit teaching.

"The profit from selling sandals is IDR25,000 to IDR30,000 a day. However, the benefits I reap from teaching are perpetual. Insha Allah, what we teach will be useful for the students in the future, so, essentially, it is priceless.

To support Yaman, Global Zakat – ACT provided food packages and financial assistance for him, Wednesday (12/1/2021). []