Sembalun Residents Receive Free Medical Services

Along with the MRI volunteers, ACT carried out free health services for Sembalun residents in East Lombok. In addition, the volunteers also provided a reading corner called Pojok Baca Generasi Gemilang and business training for the locals.

The volunteers of MRI East Lombok give business training to the residents.
The volunteers of MRI East Lombok give business training to the residents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST LOMBOK  On Sunday (6/13/2021), the Medical Team of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia-ACT East Lombok carried out free medical services in Syukur Asyari Islamic Boarding School, Sembalun Lawang, Sembalun, East Lombok. The activities involved the Islamic boarding school and Sekolah Alam Rinjani (SAR) in its implementation which was provided for surrounding residents in supporting the community’s health program throughout the country.

Mahsan, an MRI East Lombok volunteer said that he was happy to be able to take part in helping the community through this health service event. For him, the action was in accordance with the social purpose to delight our fellow countrymen throughout the country. It is planned that this activity will be carried out regularly and widely.

“This program can support the social program to help underprivileged people throughout the country,” he said.

Apart from medical services, the volunteers of MRI-ACT East Lombok also established Pojok Baca Generasi Gemilang at Sekolah Alam Rinjani. This reading corner is expected to increase the children's interest in reading so that they can compete in a wider sector since Sembalun is a tourist destination visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

The Regional Commander of ACT East Lombok Sri Nurmala said that the Pojok Baca Generasi Gemilang currently has donor willing to donate the reading books, namely the Taman Bacaan Masyarakat Assyuro’ Masbagik, East Lombok. "Hopefully, this facility can increase reading interest amid the declining interest in reading in Indonesia," said Sri.

In addition, to increase the entrepreneurial spirit, creative business training was also held for the local residents through making drinks from Sembalun's natural products such as mint leaves, strawberries, dragon fruit, lemons, and pineapples.

The Branch Manager of ACT West Nusa Tenggara Juani Pratama said that the implemented program was the real effort of ACT to help the community throughout the country. What has been distributed to the residents through the volunteers is the fruit of people’s generosity submitted to the ACT. “In the future, ACT and the MRI volunteers will continue to expand kindness in Lombok. Everyone can take part in this action,” explained Juaini.[]