Setialaksana Residents Drinks Rainwater; ACT Sends Mobile Water Truck

Many residents in Setialaksana Village, Cabangbungin, Bekasi Regency are still having trouble getting clean water. They only rely on rainwater for bathing, worship, and drinking. ACT sent a Humanity Water Truck to the location and distributed a thousand liters of clean water to the residents.

Setialaksana Village
Setialaksana Village residents receive free clean water from ACT's Humanity Water Truck. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Water is crucial for people’s daily use, such as bathing, washing, worshiping, and drinking. However, unfortunately, some areas are still having trouble getting access to clean water. One of them is Setialaksana Village, Cabangbungin, Bekasi Regency.

Based on the West Java Provincial Government data, groundwater conditions in Bekasi Regency are mostly shallow groundwater at a depth of 5 to 25 meters from the ground surface. The standard of deep groundwater is generally obtained at a depth of between 90 and 200 meters. The water reserves for some residents in Bekasi Regency are not much, especially when the dry season arrives.

When the prolonged dry season hits, many residents of Setialaksana Village are having difficulty getting clean water. They can only rely on the collected rainwater. The resident used rainwater for washing, cooking, and drinking.

Residents can get water from local water depots, but it costs a lot. Most of them are impoverished people who have uncertain incomes. Hence, they can’t afford water.

Upon receiving the news, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Humanity Water Truck immediately went to the location. This vehicle can transport up to 20 thousand liters of clean water. During the action, thousands of liters of clean water were poured into jerry cans belonging to hundreds of residents. They couldn't hide their happy faces when they received abundant clean water.

Alhamdulillah, the residents are very grateful for the clean water assistance. It is difficult for them to pay IDR 6,000 per gallon of water. For some people, the amount is not big, but for them, who are still struggling to survive, this amount means a lot,” said ACT Bekasi Regency program team, Setyo Pambudi, Sunday (7/25/2021).

Setyo says there are still many residents in other areas who have difficulty getting clean water. For this reason, he invites all Generous Friends to give their best assistance, which will later be allocated to various clean water assistance programs. []