Several Institutions Receives Qurbani Animals Mandated by Jakarta Provincial Government

Through the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov), a number of parties mandated dozens of cows to four institutions that distribute qurbani, including Global Qurban – ACT, on Thursday (7/30). The qurbani meat will later be distributed to the needy in a number of RWs in Jakarta.

Handover of cattle from the Sharia Division of Bank DKI to Global Qurban - ACT. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Through the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov), a number of agencies have mandated dozens of head of Limousin cattle to four institutions that distribute qurbani to the needy. The handover ceremony of the cattle was held at the PD Dharma Jaya Slaughterhouse on Thursday (7/30).

In total, there were 34 heads of cattle handed over that afternoon. The mandate came from Special Capital Region of Jakarta’s State Civil Apparatus through KORPRI Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Provincially-owned Enterprise Akademi, and PT JNE. The event was also attended by Special Capital Region of Jakarta’s Governor Anies Baswedan.

Anies said, later, the meat from these sacrificial animals would be distributed to disadvantaged people throughout Jakarta Province. The distribution to Community Associations (RWs) which are categorized as Slums will be carried out by related institutions, one of which is Global Qurban - ACT.

"They are the ones who will later distribute sacrificial animals from the staff members of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Provincial Government to those in need who are eligible to receive it. And Insha Allah, this will all be carried out over the next 4 days. Hopefully, this will all work out smoothly. I want to thank all those involved," said Anies.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan observing the cages of the qurbani animals. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

This year is the second year Global Qurban – ACT collaborated with Jakarta Provincial government. In 2019, Global Qurban - ACT and Jakarta Provincial Government collaborated in the Qurbani Kitchen Program which produced 2,000 servings of meal packages made of the qurbani meat through the Humanity Food Truck.

Global Qurban – ACT Central Jakarta Branch Manager Rimanda Putra welcomed this collaboration. The qurbani animals from Jakarta Provincial Government will be distributed as well as possible to make sure the meat reaches the needy.

"So we want the citizens of Special Capital Region of Jakarta to feel the happiness of Eid Al-Adha and savor the qurbani meat. Besides, we also distribute free rice to the people. So in addition to qurbani meat, our beneficiaries will also get free rice," Rimanda explained.

Rimanda hopes that this collaboration will continue in the future. In addition, he also invited the community to be involved also in humanitarian movements with ACT both qurbani and non-qurbani programs.

"Of course, we hope for continuous active participation from the community in our humanitarian programs. We hope that the community can continue to support us in the 'Labbaik Berqurban Terbaik' program this year, as well as other programs to help our brothers and sisters who are facing difficulties," Rimanda said. []