SFPI Establishes Brotherhood Between Indonesian Families and Anwar’s Family in Palestine

The poverty experienced by Anwar Salem Shaheen's family reflects the dire condition in which many families in Gaza have been living. Thanks to Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia (SFPI) program launched by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), benefactors in Indonesia help Anwar Shaheen’s poor family.

Anwar Shaheen's family lives in a tent. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - The crisis that has riddled the Gaza Strip has hampered Gazan families’ efforts to prosper. Due to poverty, many Gazan families live in decrepit houses, unable to make ends meet. Many of them also can’t afford their children’s education.

One of the poverty-stricken families was the family of Anwar Salem Shaheen who lives in the Nuserait, an area that is densely populated with Palestinian internal refugees. In this area that has no runninc electricity unemployment and poverty rate soar, and clean water is scarce.

Anwar Shaheen’s family live in dire conditions with no permanent income, running electricity, healthy food, nor clean water. Their home is a tarp tent that is not strong enough to protect the inhabitants from severe weather.

“In fact, our mother has thyroid disease, but we don't have the money to take her to a health facility,” Anwar told the ACT Palestine team in February. He and his can do nothing but be patient.

Help Anwar Shaheen's Family through Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia Program

Aksi Cepat Tanggap is inviting Indonesian families to support Anwar Shaheen’s family and other poverty-stricken families in Palestine through Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia program.

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response - ACT explained, through Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia, the generous benefactors can financially support Palestinian families to help them buy food, clothing, cooking utensils, sleeping mats, pay for electricity, and healthcare. In the future, benefactors can also provide financial assistance for the Palestinians to pay for rent and school fees.

Food packages handed over to a Palestinian family. (ACTNews)

"Each benefactor family can support poor Palestinian families for a month or six months. We will give the profiles of the beneficiaries to the potential benefactors. This aims to establish emotional bonds between the two families,” added Said.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap, through various fundraising channels such as the Indonesia Dermawan website and the Philanthropic Care Line, will raise funds to be used to support needy Palestinian families. []