Sharing Happiness with Indonesian Veterans

Sharing Happiness with Indonesian Veterans

ACTNews, BANDUNG – His name is Herman. The man, who’s now in his 80’s, was among the veterans who fought in the defense of Indonesian Independence. After the proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 17 1945, Herman and other soldiers fought to defend the sovereignty of the country.

On Tuesday (12/11), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) team visited Herman’s house in Kiara Sinarwangi Hamlet in Pulosari Village, Pangalengan Sub-District, Bandung Regency. When the team visited him, he was sitting on a shabby couch, chatting with his wife Yayah. The TV in front of them was the only entertainment available for this couple.

Herman, who fought around Nagreg area, was an example of veterans who are not appreciated enough for what they had done. Living in a small house in Pangalengan, Herman spends his days with his wife. “This is an example of our hero who was willing to sacrifice himself for the independence of this country,” said Asep Iqbal of MSR-ACT team, Wednesday (12/12).

When Herman was asked of what he wanted, he simply said that he wanted new chairs to replace his shabby couch one so that he could watch TV more comfortably. “MSR-ACT gave him new chairs and cash as an appreciation for what he did for this country. Seeing Mr. Herman’s family happy, we are happy too. It feels good to be able to share happiness,” added Rohmana.

Previously, in mid-November, MSR-ACT team also visited the family of Djuwari. Djuwari was also troop during Indonesian War of Independence. He was one of four people who carried General Soedirman on a palanquin. He fought around Nganjuk to Kediri in East Java.

Djuwari’s descendants now live on the slope of Mount Wilis, in Goliman Hamlet in Kediri. They all live in a house shared by Djuwari’s children, children-in-law, and even grandchildren. “Mr. Djuwari carried General Soedirman from this village to Nganjuk during General Soedirman’s guerilla,” explained Dipo Hari of MSR-ACT Central Java team, Wednesday (12/12).

To commemorate National Heroes’ Day that falls on November 10, MSR-ACT team meant to give a prize for Mr. Djuwari for his heroism. Unfortunately, the team could not hear the story from Mr. Djuwari himself. “It turned out that Mr. Djuwari passed away four years ago. We gave the prize to his family,” added Hari. []



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