Sharing the Happiness of Aqiqah to Gazans in Jabalia

Global Qurban-ACT distributed aqiqah dishes in Camp Jabalia and Nazla, which is located in the northern part of Gaza Strip. They are among the poorest areas in Gaza.

ACT volunteers distributed meal packages to Gazan orphans
The distribution of aqiqah dishes reached orphans in Jabalia. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JABALIA - Global Qurban – ACT distributed aqiqah dishes to families in Gaza through the Global Qurban – Aqiqah program. Packages of aqiqah dishes were distributed to the internally displaced at Camp Jabalia and Nazla in North Gaza on Thursday (2/4/2021). A total of 154 people benefitted from this distribution.

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response - ACT explained that one lamb was slaughtered and cooked into local typical dishes. The packages of rice and lamb were distributed to the orphans. The aqiqah sacrifice was donated by a generous Indonesian family.

Said also explained that Jabalia and Nazla are among Gaza’s poorest areas. Therefore, ACT collaborated with Global Qurban to provide food for the economically underprivileged in this area.

“In 2014 when Israel bombarded this area, dozens of houses were destroyed, more than 250 others were heavily damaged. This region has a very high unemployment rate, over 90 percent. The internally displaced depend on assistance provided by private institutions and donors from inside and outside the country," added Said.

Global Qurban Aqiqah Goes Worldwide

Global Qurban Aqiqah is one of the programs managed by Global Qurban-ACT. Desi Susanti from Global Qurban-ACT Partnership Team explained that the program aims to facilitate the aqiqah ritual and to distribute the meat to the needy.

"Through the Global Qurban Aqiqah program, we provided meal packages to beneficiaries in Indonesia and other countries around the world,” said Desi. []