Sian Has A New Cart to Provide Her Family Economy

The big fire brought grief to Sian (36) and his family, Makassar residents. She no longer has the capital to start a small business even though his business is the foundation of the family's economy.

Sian receives Waqf Cart from Global Wakaf-ACT to restart her burger business. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAKASSAR – In mid-August, a fire broke out in Lepping Complex, Jongaya Village, Tamalate District, Makassar City. This disaster destroyed 95 houses and left approximately 300 people homeless.

Sian (36 years) is one of the fire survivors. Until now, she lives in a tent with her husband and three children with all the limitations. When met by Global Wakaf-ACT team, Sian said, the fire broke out suddenly, and the fire spread quickly that there was no time to save her belongings.

"That afternoon, My family and I were at home. Suddenly, a big fire appeared from above the house. I immediately ordered my son and husband to get out. Many neighbors were running too. Nothing can be saved, including the cart. The only thing left is the clothes on my body,” she said.

Previously, Sian and her husband worked as burger sellers. However, a large fire destroyed their house. Until now, Sian does not have the capital to be able to restart her business. Moreover, she still has to rebuild the house that has been scorched.

Global Wakaf-ACT through Productive Business Waqf (WUP), which manages Generous Friends’ cash waqf, provided a new cart for Sian. Hence, she can run her business again. Sian and her family expressed their gratitude for this assistance.

"Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for helping me. I have always prayed to be able to sell again. I need money to rebuild my house and to provide food needs. However, it is not easy to earn capital because I prefer to buy daily necessities. I didn't expect to get a cart to sell. I will remember this and tell my children when they grow up. Insha Allah, tomorrow, I want to start my business again to support my family’s income,” said Sian.[]