Siblings Want to Continue Their School Despite Financial Difficulty

Aulia and Nurazizah are siblings who want to continue their school in order to have a bright future and improve their family’s financial condition.

Bea Pendidikan Indonesia.
Nurazizah. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CILACAP – They are Aulia Syahrini and Nurazizah. Siblings from Tegalkamulyan Village, South Cilacap District, Cilacap Regency. For both of them, education is a very important thing. Therefore, they really want to keep going to school despite their family’s financial difficulty.

Being able to go to school until the highest level is Aulia and Nurazizah's dream. One of their goals is to improve the family's economy since their current economic condition has disrupted their education. Moreover, now Aulia and Nurazizah only live with their mother who can no longer work due to a serious accident.

“Aulia, the older sister has entered Islamic middle school, and her younger sister, Azizah, is still in elementary school. Once, Azizah wanted to drop out of school to ease her family’s economic burden since she thought middle school tuition is more expensive,” said Tohirin from Global Zakat-ACT CIlacap Program team, Wednesday (10/6/2021).

Let alone their tuition, their weak financial condition makes Aulia, Nurazizah, and their mother can only rely on their relatives and neighbors to meet their daily needs.

However, despite financial limitations, Aulia and Nurazizah’s spirit to go to school remain high since they hope for their family’s economic condition to be better with their excellent educational background. “Tuition is free for public state schools but we still have to purchase the school equipment ourselves,” added Tohirin.

Therefore, in order to ease the burden of Aulia and Nurazizah, Global Zakat-ACT provided scholarship through Bea Pendidikan Indonesia program. Through this program, supporting assistance was provided to assist both Aulia and Nurazizah so that they can continue their school and achieve their goal to improve their family’s financial condition.[]